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They stood together on the roof of one of his favorite buildings. Looking out, you could see all of downtown. And looking up, you could see the moon.
She was the type of chick to catch people's eye. Long dark waves and a porcelain face with big expressive eyes that held many a secret. He was the type of man to catch people's attention, as well. He was warm and inviting. His wild hair covered one of his deep blue eyes. His tanned skin seemed to gleam under the streetlights as they had made their way to the building. She had watched the way people looked at him. And when he flashed that smile, it was like watching the sun break through dark clouds. He was good like that. She tended to be more reserved as of late. They were opposites these days. Whereas she was the moon, he was the sun. Both were comforting and served purposes.
She sat down on the ledge of the building and lit a cigarette, raising her eyes to him in an almost apologetic manner. "Only when I'm really stressed do I smoke" she told him. He had smiled and lit his own cigarette off of the glowing end of hers. She watched his face as he inhaled and felt that strange fluttering in her stomach.
"I hate that you do this to me" she said, looking back to the streets below. He crouched beside her and she could feel him looking at her. "Elaborate?" he asked. A warm breeze blew his hair over his eyes and he shook his head to see the pale woman beside him. She took another drag and looked at him. "I'm not sure how to explain it. You scare me, and I'm not easily frightened..." He laughed "Well, I knew that. I'm not scary!" He paused and raised an eyebrow. "Am I?"  She smiled. "No. I suppose it's just that I'm drawn to you. I feel for you and the fact that I like you as much as I do... the fact that I allow myself to be vulnerable with you.... it frightens me, Alvaro." He bit his lip as she said his name. She looked him straight in the eyes and whispered "I'm afraid to fall." He took another drag on his cigarette and blew the sweet smoke in her face. "So don't." She raised an eyebrow. He stood and got off the ledge. He stood behind her as they looked out over the city. One of his strong arms encircled her waist, the other crossed over her chest as he leaned down and whispered. "Don't fall then. Fly with me. I'll teach you how." She leaned into him, feeling his warmth encircle her. She turned on the ledge so she was facing him. He stood between her legs. She flicked her cigarette butt down into the streets, watching it fall and hit the ground, the embers scattering and dying out. Then she turned and looked up at the handsome man in front of her. His deep blue eyes looked deeply into her hazel ones and she said "I trust you" A grin broke out on his lips and he leaned down to kiss her jawline. "Good." She trembled slightly as his lips touched her skin and she found her hand sliding over his chest. It stopped just over his heart, and she felt the strong and steady beat under her palm. She smiled. "I love you" she said, using her legs to bring him closer to her. The worry seemed to melt away from her as she moved close to him. "I love you too!" he said, kissing her forehead. And she believed him.
Wolf King
One of many stories with my wolf.
If it doesn't hit you soon, it'll hit you eventually.
Years from now, as you lay in bed beside your wife who you settled for because she's a complex blend of me and nothing like me, it'll hit you.
Maybe in a dream, maybe in a memory.
Maybe you hear my voice or see my face and you bolt awake and look at your wife, the one who never cares how you are or asks about your day.
And you'll think of me. How you never had that chance to wake up beside me.
How I would have woken up in an instant to calm you down.
And maybe she will wake up.
And maybe she'll say your name.
Except you'll hear my voice.
And you'll just stand up.
"I need a cigarette"
She won't follow you, like I would have. She'll go back to sleep.
And you'll step outside.
You'll look up at the moon and remember how you had played songs for me beneath the blood moon that one time.
You'll remember my heartbeat under your cheek and you'll regret breaking that heart into pieces.
You'll notice that your cigarette is all ash and you'll simply watch it fall.
You'll light up another one and wonder how I am. Maybe you'll pull up our song on your phone, maybe you'll just sing the words.
And when you feel your heart in pieces and there's only regret, you will feel the sting of tears.
And you'll whisper my name.
You'll shake your head, trying to forget it.
And you'll walk inside your beautiful house, to your beautiful bed, with your beautiful wife.
And your heart will be crying my name.
Only now, I won't hear it
Communication is one of the more interesting dances I've partaken in.
Forever reading the cues of another person, deciphering the moves, comprehending the messages.
For instance, the swirling communication of desire. The first step towards him, his reaction towards you.
Never really conveying those true feelings, always attempting to know the other person first, for rejection is like being stranded on stage, the blinding lights of loneliness on you.
Or perhaps the jerky movements of a lie.
"Those look worse, are you doing something to them?"
Then the dancer gracefully bows to the side, avoiding the eye contact of the engaged partner.
"No, they just look that way."
A step back with a daring gaze, challenging the partner to find the dishonesty.
The spinning away. Perhaps in vain. For believing the blatant lie is far better than watching the dance of defeat.
It's constant movement.
Forever trying to get those steps right. Forever dancing with language.
Oh also may be doing some modeling in the not too distant future so be on the lookout for those shots (something other than those goddamn selfies I constantly take)
HOLY FUCK it's been basically forever haha
I miss you all and hope all is well! I'll be back with new poetry as soon as things settle down a bit xD
Pffffffft, nah. I KNOW I am! :blush:

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