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Hurt my feelings?
That means I have feelings to hurt
Break my heart?
Means I've got a heart to begin with
I could play it off
I could say you can't faze me
But then I'd be just as shallow as you.
Just as fake.
Just as cruel.
Nah, I don't play like that.
Sorry but your level's too low
Guess I'll keep my head high and keep on movin'
But you can bet on this...
I'll be more careful next time
One part sugar
Two parts spice
Play me once
I'll break you twice....

Cuz in the end
You're just like them
A fake, a joke
Someone to condemn
The hope and the excitment
I thought that'd you'd stay
But that hope is now gone
It has withered away.
It's cool, I'm fine, I'll get through.
Silly ol' me
Thought I could trust you.
Thanks once again
For letting me feel
All these broken pieces
That just started to heal.
Standing over you
Thinking I might finish you
Set out on this mission
Dead set to diminish you
Game: played
Price: paid
Meeting you at the end
To think you were a friend
Battle: fought
Lesson: taught
Thank you for the skills
Damn though
Here I am
Thinking gives me chills
Eyes locked
World rocked
But I guess it was just for thrills
You really got to me
And baby, that's what kills
Turn around
Yea, watch me walk away
Your angel and her ripped up wings
Died inside today
He was too good to be true
Thought my lesson was learned
No thanks to you
Da Prez got burned
If that wasn't enough
Another crossed the line
But I'm staying tough
You know I'll be fine
You can't take it back
A friend has been lost
The memories now black
And that is the cost.
I know where you stand
I can see you below me
Found out first hand
Indirectly, you told me
Too shallow too swim
Yet still not breathin air
Goin out on a limb
You just don't care
Artistic, I see
Spittin those rhymes
Still no angel in me
Told you how many times?
But the clock still keeps tickin
Till the battery runs out
This girl keeps on kickin
Though I'm shrouded in doubt
You have your reasons
Of that I know
Faded just like the seasons
A memory of woe
So where are you?
Now that your colors are seen
What can you do?
Cuz I'm comin' clean.
Wipin these hands
Though cracked and bruised
F*ck your demands
I will not be used
I'm gonna haunt your thoughts
Whether you see it or not
And when the rose rots
You'll find what you sought
Behind each blank stare
In the back of your brain
On the moon way up there
With each drop of rain
You may not want to
Reality isn't much fun
But what can you do?
The battle is won
Pffffffft, nah. I KNOW I am! :blush:

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